Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This has been the fall of persimmons. It started on a walk through campus when I saw something orange squashed on the path. I looked up and beheld a tree full of small orange fruits. I picked up the squashed mess and smelled a rich fruit smell. Looking around I found an intact fruit and sampled it--yum! (I guess many civilized people wouldn't do that, but I am channeling Euell Gibbons).

From then on I started gathering persimmons, reading up on them, and learned a bit about different varieties. The native ones (diospyros virginiana) are small and need to be very ripe to have a sweet taste--firm ones are extremely ascerbic. I tried dehydrating them but the seeds are hard to remove and their presence in the dried fruit made them too difficult to eat. So I tried cooking them with a little water and rubing out the seeds. This wasn't easy but the resulting pulp was great in a cake. The flavor was reminincent of dates.

Today I bought Fuyu commercial persimmons (grown in Georgia) at Publix and they are great! Such a soft, sweet flavor.

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