Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I read Push by Sapphire last night. The reason I read it is probably more interesting than my thoughts on the book.

I know this guy professionally, Gerald, and he's shy, pretty content to stay in the background. Or at least that's been my impression. We ended up sitting next to each other at restaurant after a day getting ready for a conference we both had a part in organizing. I wondered if we'd be able to find anything to talk about. I asked him what the library branch he manages is like. After some small talk he warmed to his subject, he started talking about some authors he liked, and how he has tried to find African American fiction that his patrons, his customers, will read. He said how he loves Toni Morrison, but he knows she's hard for lots of folk to start with, so he's built up the collection with other books to draw them in.

Gerald really got excited when he talked about Push and how much he is looking forward to the movie. He said even though it's a really disturbing book to read, it is eventually redemptive. I was just loving how eloquent and enthusiastic this shy man had become, so I had to read it.

He made me happy I'm a librarian.

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