Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reading Something Different

Book clubs are good because they give you a nudge to read some things you wouldn't normally gravitate to. Like right now I am reading a Western called Big Sky. Written in 1947 byA.B. Guthrie, it is set in the 1830s. There are no cow boys and fewer cows, just buffalo and big horned sheep and lots and lots of open land. It's not exactly chic lit!

Guthrie, who died in 1991, grew up in Montana and had a passion for the West. I read that his novels don't idealize the open untamed country, but neither does he consider all taming of the wild as progress. I am trying not to read too much literary criticism yet, because I already saw two "spoilers" and I hate knowing what will happen. But I will read more when I finish.

Meanwhile I am really grossed out about how the "mountain men" had a diet that consisted almost entirely of meat! They had whiskey and coffee when they could, but no bread, vegetables, or even salt for their meat! They just kill buffalo and roast their favorite parts on sticks over the fire. I'm not vegetarian, but all that mean--yuck!

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