Friday, December 18, 2009

Ode To Nuts & Bolts

During Christmas days
Comes a snack to amaze
That surpasses all the buffets
And makes you just want to graze

In a Rubbermaid tin
Comes temptation to sin
While shoveling it in--
You can't stop once you begin

John's granny started this tradition
Which has become Crissy's mission
To assemble the secret composition
And make stuffed library workers her ambition

Nuts, Cheerios and Chex
Then butter soaked pretzels next
Worcestershire and celery salt flecks
Flavors and crunch more addictive than sex

Just a little more, then I'll quit
Put it away--I'm ready to commit
Well, maybe a handful I can permit
It's all gone, I'll admit

Now Christmas can commence
and I will say in my defense
that it's only common sense
that Nuts & Bolts be consumed without pretense.

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